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The FLORISMOBIL FM is a light, versatile and cheaper alternative to the expensive and heavy drop-off forklift. It saves manpower and protects the health of your employees.

  • Because of its compact design, it can be used even on smaller open spaces and in greenhouses. Additionally, it can also be easily used on film surfaces with a soft base.
  • With the integrated gas spring, several plants can be set down gently and accurately at the same time. The gas compression spring is designed such that the forks can be lowered with the pots that were picked up and raised again empty. For improved handling, the operator can offset the centre of gravity of the vehicle by means of a movable weight and thereby completely relieve the strain on the back.

Product description

  • The FLORISMOBIL FM is operated entirely mechanically – completely independently of petrol or power supply – and is absolutely maintenance-free.
  • A tow bar for attaching to a tractor or trailer is also available if desired.
  • The prongs mounted on the fork can be flexibly adjusted in terms of length and spacing, so all popular pot sizes up to 10l containers can be picked up.
  • If desired by the customer, individual fork sizes can also be produced.


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