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Hydraulic Installation Clamp HVZ / HVZ-UNI / HVZ-UNI-II

Order-Number: 51400001, 51400017, 51400036

All types are universally suitable for laying all paving stone installation units available on the market when combined with the various carriers such as Installation Machine VM, hydraulic excavators, wheel loaders, backhoes, fork lift trucks, truck mounted cranes, special machines.

HVZ and HVZ-UNI Standard Specifictions:

  • Universally adjustable main gripping width beared on a maintenance-free steel-polyamide guideway.
  • Adjustable side gripper for the exact shaping of the installation pattern (shaping device).
  • Height adjustable stops for adjusting the gripping depth for different thickness of blocks.
  • 2-position-suspension with springs to lessen the swinging caused by the driving movement.


  • Main Gripping Width W mm (in): 570 – 1,180 (22 ½ – 46”)
  • For paver thickness mm (in): 50 – 160 (2 – 6¼”)
  • Side Gripping Width L mm (in): 990 – 1,300 (39 – 51”)
  • Working Load Limit WLL kg (lbs): 400 (880)
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 190 (419)


  • Main Gripping Width W mm (in): 600 – 1,240 (23 ½ – 49”)
  • For paver thickness mm (in): 50 – 160 (2 – 6¼”)
  • Side Gripping Width L mm (in): 990 – 1,480 (39 – 58”)
  • Working Load Limit WLL kg (lbs): 400 (880)
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 250 (550)


  • Main Gripping Width W mm (in): 580 – 1,260 (23 – 50”)
  • For paver thickness mm (in): 50 – 160 (2 – 6¾”)
  • Side Gripping Width L mm (in): 960 – 1,440 (38 – 57”)
  • Working Load Limit WLL kg (lbs): 400 (880)
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 220 (485)

Product description

  • Additional chain to move the clamp diagonally enabling easier positioning and a much more precise installation of the blocks.
  • Manually operated turning device which locks place after 90°.
  • Hydraulic pressure regulating valve to protect the parts from too much strain.
  • Oil pressure gauge.
  • Independent steel grippers – ensuring a firm grip on single blocks when carrying large sets of blocks. The steel gripper length of 50 mm is variable up to about 1,350 mm.
  • Handles for optimal guidance of the clamps by the operators. The handles are easily removed allowing the machine access to narrow places.
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing

Only Type HVZ:

  • Hydraulic System to operate main and side grippers independently when the carrier has only one hydraulic circuit available.
  • The hydraulic system allows an optimum of movement:
  1. Eliminates the diagonal gaps by the side grippers L.
  2. Ensures safe gripping of the unit by the main grippers width W.
  3. Swinging off the side grippers before the actual paving operation begins so that it is possible to pave directly to a surface already paved.
  4. The main gripping width opens to lay down the paving blocks in the laying course.

Hydraulic Installation Clamp HVZ-UNI

  • The HVZ-UNI is the consistent development of the HVZ which is proven in several thousands of units. Even more universal in use, more robust in design and more easy to adjust this device incorporates the experience of 2 decades in mechanical installation. It can be used in conjunction with the laying machine VM 203 and VM 204 as well as other carriers which provide two hydraulic circuits to operate the clamp. All advantages of the HVZ are integrated in the HVZ-UNI.

Hydraulic Installation Clamp HVZ-UNI-II

For installing all market-based paving installation units, particularly using VM installation machines (wheel loaders and excavators on request).

  • High tensile materials and innovative design reduce the weight of the HVZ-UNI-II to 220 kg
  • Main gripping width can be set much more easily via a spindle with integrated spring assembly instead of the previous chain centring method
  • Significantly increased displacement force for problem-free movement of undentated pavers* into the running bond (3 x greater than with the HVZ-UNI)
  • New suspension – enabling the clamb to hang with less movement
  • Equipped as standard for operation with 2 hydraulic circuits
  • With ADV pushing-off device as standard


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