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Hydraulic Laying Clamp VZ-H-UNI

Order-Number: 51600031-002, 51600031-001

A huge variety of building elements for road Construction, civil engineering, horticulture and landscaping are handled and installed with this multifunctional clamp:

precast kerb stones, granite kerb stones, slabs, L-shaped retaining walls, wall elements, natural stone blocks, grass stones etc. Infinitely adjustable – without changing any clamp settings, products within a gripping range from 40 – 1,500 mm are picked-up and installed. Full version VZ-H-UNI-KV comes with 2 pairs of rubber grippers, clamping unit VZ-H-UNI, continuous hydraulic rotator, universal excavator suspension and set of hydraulic hoses (carrier has to provide 2 separate hydraulic circuits for operation of this full version). Basic version VZ-H-UNI-BV includes a clamping unit VZ-H-UNI and 2 pairs of rubber grippers.

  • Standard grippers are replaced with special rock grippers D(FS)-VZ-H-UNI for installation of wall elements, rocks and boulders.

Add-on: the multifunctional gripping adapter EA(RG)-VZ-h) for accurate installation of up to 6 grass pavers (according to the size of layer) in one go. The adapter can be reversed – thus bulky and large-seized slabs are installed by steel finger grippers with millimeter accuracy.


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