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Installation Machine VM-401-MULTIMATIC / DPF

Order-Number: 51500018, 51500019, 41500796

VM 401 is an innovative, state-of-the-art paver installation machine setting new standards due to its special comfort, high carrying capacity and modular design.

Established VM-features such as the robust chassis and the double articu-lated steering have also been integrated. A powerful 4-cylinder diesel engine offers sufficient output reserve. The spacious driver‘s cabin is separated from the chassis and the easy to use joystick operation was improved for driving comfort.

The modular configuration of the cabin and hydraulic system allow for customized equipment matching individual demands.

With integrated sequence control system!
The well-proven VM-401 even more comfortable in handling and operating. Five different program variants are available, from manual control up to fully automatic speed-control for clamp and machine movements. Optional extra is a program for vacuum operation.


  • Description: Fully glazed, including, cabin heating
  • Working Load Limit WLL* kg (lbs): max. 800 (1,760)
  • Dead Weight Basic machine kg (lbs): 1,550 (3,400)


  • Description: Full-glazed cabin and hydraulic w/integrated sequence control System
  • Working Load Limit WLL* kg (lbs): max. 800 (1,760)
  • Dead Weight Basic machine kg (lbs): 1,550 (3,400)

*At adequate driving Speed and lowered load. Max. weight of paver layer as per technical data.

Retrofit kit diesel particle filter DPF – for Installation Machine VM-401

An increasing number of building sites solely permits the use of machines with reduced emissions (e.g. Stuttgart 21). Reduced emissions are also advantageous when work is carried out in underground car parks.

  • In stainless steel/aluminium casing with quick-release fastener for easy changing of the filter cartridge
  • Separation rate > 97% of all particles
  • Authorisation/certificates: Vert certificate: check no. B175/12.05, regulations according to TRGS 554 are fulfilled
  • Delivery contents: filter housing with integrated filter cartridge, pressure switch, electronic evaluation system, installed ready for use with supporting frame and perforated plate cover

Product description

The VM 401 is available in two different configurations:

With new electronic control system! Five different program variants are available:

Manual operation: All clamp operations can be controlled via joystick and foot pedals with proportional technology.

Standard automatic: All clamp movements are effected in the correct sequence.

Speed standard automatic: Even shorter cycle times by means of time-saving and halfway downwards foldable side grippers.

Shifting automatic: Allows for smooth and efficient shifting of rectangular pavers from cross into running bond.

Semi speed: Automatic resetting of the clamp – that means main and side gripping as well as pushing-off device ADV return to starting position.

Vacuum front or rear mounted: Vacuum devices in front or rear mounted configuration can be easily operated and controlled via joystick

Comes with the same standard equipment * than VM-401-MULTIMATIC, but without the new electronic control system.

Standard specifications for all four configurations:

  • 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine, 26,2 kW/ 36PS with 3000 lit./min. Excellent running smoothness and high reserve capacity.
  • Continuous hydraulic rotator
  • for precise direction of the HVZ-uni clamp from the driver‘s seat. With four hydraulic rotary joints thus no direct connection between machine and attachment which eliminates the risk of injury due to revolving hydraulic hoses.
  • Double articulated steering
  • and a low center of gravity allow for agile maneuverability and stability. No stress and misalign on the un-compacted paving stones.
  • Outer edges of the machine are adapted to the steering geometry which means that when there are obstacles there are no protruding vehicle parts.
  • Adjustable height steering column. Each foot pedal tilt angle is independently adjustable. Excellent view to the laying edge.
  • Damage resistant wide angle rear view mirror allows for no blind spots.
  • Sensitive hydrostatic front wheel drive.
  • Wide base tires and different track widths offront and rear axles ensure a low degree of stress on the un-compacted pavers as well as smooth drivability.
  • All-terrain vehicle due to large diameter of tires and ground clearance.
  • Wide pivoting range of approximately 1,600 mm from a standing position is achieved by steering lock only.
  • Large lifting height for handling doublestacked pallets up 1,600 mm high, saving a considerable amount of drive time.
  • No adverse effect on the stability due to low outreach even with large lifting height. Low overall height of the VM machine allow for working at underground car parks.
  • Unlimited all-round-view – also rearwards. As paver installation machines drive 30% at reverse speed!

NEW: Diesel particulate filter DPF

  • In stainless steel/aluminium casing with quick-release fastener for easy changing of the filter cartridge.
  • Disposable filter cartridge (disposal: overgroundlandfill, landfill class II, tied up in aplastic bag), service life > 400 operating hoursdepending on maintenance condition of the motor.
  • Separation rate > 97% of all particles.
  • Authorisation/certificates: Vert certificate: check no. B175/12.05, regulations according toTRGS 554 are fulfilled.
  • Improvement of the exhaust gas sound insulation as the particle filter acts as an additional silencer.
  • The filter casing is fitted with a pressure switch + electronic evaluation system => warninglight on instrument panel is illuminated when differential pressure too high => filter change required.
  • Delivery contents: filter casing with integratedchange filter, pressure switch, electronicevaluation system, installed ready for use with supporting frame and perforated platecover.We recommend ordering an additional replacementfilter cartridge.

NEW: Air conditioning

  • Cooling power: 4 kW.
  • With an external temperature of 35°C and insolation into the VM => approx. 25°C inside temperature achievable in the cab.
  • Not in conjunction with vacuum attachment.

NEW: Windscreen washer

  • With adjustable spray nozzles on the windscreen wiper arm.
  • With adjustable wiping interval.


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