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Block loading grab with a fixed height E AKZ-Bf

Order-Number: 56100058, 56100070, 56100071
Low budget alternative to the standard, parallel squeeze block loading grabs.

Wide field of application for loading and unloading of most common block packs.

Extremely low overall height
Strong protection all around the hydraulic cylinders to avoid damage
Integrated, robust synchronizing of both clamping arms
Slim design of the gripping arms to achieve low clearance between the packs
Hand-adjustable pressure relieve valve, security valve against loss of pressure and manometer

Product description

AKZ-BF-1000 [56100058]:
Opening Width* W mm (in): 100 (4”) –1,250 (49”)
Height** E mm (in): 1,000 (39”)
Clamp Length ZL mm (in): 720 (28 1/4”)
Working Load Limit WLL*** kg (lbs): 2,500 (5,500)
Dead Weightkg kg (lbs): 270 (600)
AKZ-BF-1100 [56100070]:

Opening Width* W mm (in): 80 (31/4”) –1,280 (50”)
Height** E mm (in): 1,100 (43”)
Clamp Length ZL mm (in): 720 (281/4”)
Working Load Limit WLL*** kg (lbs): 2,400 (5,300)
Dead Weightkg kg (lbs): 280 (620)
AKZ-BF-1200 [56100071]:

Opening Width* W mm (in): 50 (2”) –1,300 (51”)
Height** E mm (in): 1,200 (47”)
Clamp Length ZL mm (in): 720 (281/4”)
Working Load Limit WLL*** kg (lbs): 2,300 (5,100)
Dead Weightkg kg (lbs): 290 (640)
* Different opening range possible – Price available on request.
** The height E can be varied at no extra cost. The price paid will then be for the next model up.
*** The working load limit is dependent on: the surface quality of the goods to be lifted, the size of the individual stones, the pack size and the way the goods are packed. For unstrapped packs of low, loose stones, e. g. paving stones, the working load limit does not apply!


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