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End-to-End Material Handling Solutions for Your Industry

Probst is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the material handling equipment in Australia. We aim to provide you with the latest and innovative handling solutions that can ease up your job in paving, construction or any civil engineering work.

Being an experienced player in the industry, we have catered to a number of projects by ensuring that all their equipment needs are met under one roof. Staying abreast with the evolving technologies has assisted us being the leader in the market – one of the main reasons that you can count on us to make your job easier.

It is Our Priority to Improve Your Workplace

Our comprehensive range of machinery like brick laying machine is manufactured in a way that contributes to increasing your productivity and workers’ safety.

We understand that you need an effective material handling in place right from moving goods around a warehouse to preparing orders for delivery. Not only this, but having good-quality equipment by your side will eliminate accidents, reduce stress, save time and above all, also remove the redundant work.

Our team believes that the components of the material handling system should work together in a way that delivers the perfect outcome with ease. That is why, while manufacturing, we consider your performance objectives, general unit loads, environment, material movement, life cycle cost, facility space and overall functionality of a system. This, in turn, aids you in the processes whilst maximising efficiencies and delivering results in order to meet your individual industry requirements.

Why Prefer Our Material Handling Equipment?

We have a complete range of material handling equipment including brick laying machine to truck crane attachments. So, you can be sure that all your material handling needs will be met under one roof.

Above all, the following reasons will convince you to consider us for your handling requirements:

  • Quality material handling equipment
  • Well-built facility
  • Prompt and efficient solutions
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • Broad distribution network
  • Transparent business practices

Contact Us for More Information

If you have any query or want to share your requirements with us, feel free to get in touch with our team at 03 9850 6666 for immediate assistance.



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