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Vertical Guide SRF

Order-Number: 57500008
Telescopic Guide for stationary equipment to lift the various devices (eg. pneumatic cubing clamp, rotating clamp or similar).

For fitting onto the available crane runway to be supplied site-wise. Work is made easier due to the electrical travelling
operation and the electric chain hoist, particularly when moving paving stone equipment. (Stock- and sand-blasting equipment) or when cubing concrete products by hand, using the appropriate device.
Standard Specifications:

Electric chain hoist (choice of lifting power), with 2 lifting speeds (electrical installation to be done by the customer).
Electric trolley with 2 speeds (electrical wiring done by the customer).
2 bottom boom carriages (unpowered), positioned suspended crossways to the direction of travel (to ease the handling of the attached devices and to improve the exact positioning of these devices).
Control bulb for 4 functions, with electroflex cable.
Crane hook for lifting a piece of equipment (with manual turning device which stops itself after each 90°).
Large polyamide slides for the telescopic action.


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