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Fork Lift Grab STAZ-DZ II

Consisting of two single clamps (see STAZ for technical data). Connected by a spreader bar. Suitable for lifting 2 stacks at the same time if they are stacked longitudinally on the conveyor belt.

The same unit can be equipped with a hydraulically operated distance adjuster bar which can remove any gaps between the stacks, thus saving space in the storage area.

Only one hydraulic circuit is needed to be supplied by means of the fork lift truck, if both clamps are operated together. (Supplied without connecting hoses to the fork lift truck).

Polyamide sliding guides come with a 5 year guarantee.

All Forklift Grabs can also be used as cubing grabs in fully automatic cubers for blocks and pavers. Besides the hydraulically operated grabs also purely electrically operated grabs can be offered on request.


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