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FLIEGUAN®-M FXM-30 Vacuum Tile Laying Device

Order-Number: 5850.0002

Lay large-format tiles up to 30 kg quickly and ergonomically – with the vacuum powerof the new FLIEGUAN-M FXM-30.

  • The suction on the tile (A) by means of the suction plate is activated by switching on the vacuum pump. Removed from the stack or picked up upright from the wall, the tile can now be rotated into a vertical position (B) and fi xed safely. After applying the adhesive (C) in an ergonomically advantageous position (floating & buttering process), the tile is rotated back to horizontal by operating the handle and can be positioned exactly in the deposit location (D). The tile is released either by operating the release device on the suction plate or by switching off the vacuum pump.
  • Tremendous humanisation effect, as it is no longer necessary to carry heavy tiles.
  • Tremendous rationalisation effect, as one person alone can lay large tiles comfortably and quickly.
  • With smooth, non-fading plastic wheels and rubber treads so that the FXM-30 can be pushed effortlessly.
  • Whilst the tile is being coated, the device can be secured against rolling away by means of a lock on one castor.
  • A battery-powered vacuum pump unit generates the negative pressure required for safe handling, even with textured surfaces. With manometer and suction force indicator and battery charging indicator.
  • One battery charge supplies the vacuum pump reliably over several days without recharging and it can be recharged very easily. Charger not included in the scope of delivery.
  • With 5 x 10 kg ballast weights, individually attachable depending on tile weight.

Product description


  • Working Load Limit WLL kg (Ibs): 30 (65)
  • Dead weight without counter-weights kg (Ibs): 41 (90)
  • Counter-weight kg (Ibs): 5 x 10 (11 x 20)


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