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JUMBO-BV-VARIO Vacuum Kerb Stone Installation Machine

Order-Number: 52200011, 52200013, 52200012

This BV type with knuckle boom jib is equiped with innovative Probst safety features, thus hightest safety in the slewing range!

Mostly kerb stones are installed one side of the road, white on the other side vehicles are still allowed to drive. Existing knuckle boom jibs provide some advantages, such as space requirements, but usually they havedisadvantages because it cannot be avoided that they might swing into the trafficed area. This coult cause fatal accidents.

NEW: Innovative Safety Feature: knuckle bomm with shifting suspension SKVA with “SAFESTOF”

Kerb Ston Stallation Machine JUMBO  BV vario: via two adjustment bolts, the oprator can make shure, wether he only wants to install on the left side, the right side or on both sides of the loader. Now it ist easy, fast and safe to do stallation works up to 150 kg (330 lbs) also alongside walls, arround trees or posts.

Product description

  • SVKA with “SAFESTOP” never reaches into the trafficed area! High benefits: Same principle as JUMBO BV, (see page 2.14) distribution and installation of kerb stones in one go.
  • Installing heavy elements by vacuum lifting force light as a feather, combined with best logistic: distibution and installation in one go. Cost effective and healt and safety conjus for qur workers.
  • The jib can be folded down for compact transportation measurements quick and easy via a hydraulic cylinder.
  • Feeding the vacuum to the lifting unit by well thought out turning passage throug the knuckle boom link.
  • Easy and quick locking of both knuckle boom links by spring loaded bolt.
  • Time saving: 7 kerbs, each 1,000 mm (39″) long can be installed without moving the loader.
  • Well proven quick change device for fitting different suction plates within less than one minute.


  • Due to the attendance on the market for several decades, Probst is the only supplier who has access to more than 1000 different suction plt4s, which have been manufactured and sucessfully used in the past (special information on request).


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