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Mechanikal Paver Installation in Herringbone 45 Degree Format

Due to the best interlocking results and therefore best load distribution, heavily travelled areas such as container yards in ports, streets etc. are paved with pavers in herringbone pattern.

The conventional way of mechanical paver installation in herringbone pattern requires a lot of manual work of the installer adding key blocks to the laying cluster to achieve full herringbone interlocking. That means additional blocks have to be placed by hand to achieve a non cluster effect throughout the complete area.
The laying crew has to hand install up to 6 additional blocks individually by hand! this ist not only time consuming and exhausting (work has to be done in stooped posture). This moreover requires a high effort in additional logistics as up to 6 additional blocks per layer have to be transported to the place.

Product description

Probst as the only full-liner in paver laying technique offers a field-proven solution for the purpose too: the paver installation clamp HVZ Herringbone 45 degree format – suitable for operation with the Probst paver installation machines VM as well as an attachment to any carrier, such as mini excavators.

Probst can meanwhile draw on many years of practical expert knowledge with the valuable experience in paver installation of a lot more than half a million aquare meters at mos diverse construction sites all over the world.

The paver installation clamp HVZ Herringbone 45 Degree format picks up the adequately palletized installation pattern (turned at 45 degree on the pallet compared to the convertional alignment of blocks towards the laying clamp) safe and powerful from the pack of pavers. Layer by layer is thus being installed precisely without any manual and time consuming rework.

The outcome of this ist not only a considerable improved performance in paver laying but also effects the significant relief of the laying crew.
The output of 120 square meters and more per hour with a Probst paver installation machine VM ist he result of this innovative laying technique.


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