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Multiple Suction Plates MSP

Order-Number: 42101097, 42101077, 42101083, 42101096, 42101078

A modular design system, working with mainly standised elements.

We can therefore produce the appropriate suction plates fast and cost efficient according to customers needs.

  • Exchangeable rubber seals with low wearing material, quick and easy to change and without the need for gluring.
  • MSP…-V…: multiple suction plate with distance control. If a certain distance between stones is needed, you can fix the distance of the suction pad with a lever at a set distance e.g. 10 mm, so the stones will always have the correct spacing.
  • MSP…(2×3)-V…: multiple suction plate to move the stones from a cross bond into the running bond: The slabs are picked up from the pallet in cross bond, and moved whilst in the air into the running bond using a hand lever and are then able to be installed.
  • MSP…-S…: multiple suction plate with fixed spacing of the suction pads.


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