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Retaining Wall Panel Grab RWPG

Order-Number: 53100274
Easy to operate, light weight and slender – the ideal clamp for safe handling and installation of retaining wall panels!

Mechanical clamp for outdoor installation of retaining wall panels such as separating walls or noise barriers. Also elements stacked close to one another can be picked –up and set down due the compact and slim-line design of the RWPG clamp.

The robust clamp with a dead weight of 16 kg only is attached to the carrier by means of a sling or chain and can be operated by one worker mechanically.
The integrated, tilting out locking bow is adjustable to the heights of 200/300 and 500 mm.
Secure clamping due to three-point contact; the clamp is equipped with one fi xed gripper 160 mm length and two flexible grippers with a length of 60 mm each.
Handles for optimal guide the clamp.
Fully automatic trip mechanism for switch-over from „full“ to „empty“.
Non-marking rubbers installed on both sides avoid marks and damage on the wall panels.


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