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Stone Pillar Grab SLS 8/20-G-VA

Order-Number: 53100365, 43100997

This mechanical grab picks up safely the reclined stone pillars and columns and lift them up for installation in vertical position.

It does not matter if the pillars are made of concrete or Granite with bush-hammered or smooth surface. The pillar has to be pre-clamped up to the limit stop with the crank handle, thus the pillar ist jammed tight and can be lifted with a lifting device or carrier.

  • easy handling
  • fast and efficient installation of stone pillars, protecting workers’s health
  • low dead weight (10 kg) and high carrying capacity
  • small investment, which will pay for itself in no time
  • carrying capacity 300 kg
  • gripping range 100 – 200 mm
  • Durable surface protection by galvanizing


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