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Attachments for Vacuum Lifting Device SH

Order-Number: 42400088, 42500071, 52500239, 42400232, 52500162, 52500238, 52500002, 52500003, 52500005

For different jobs we recommend special suction plates.

All suction plates can be changed by means of a quick release coupling (modularprinciple). The carrying capacities depend on the size of the suction plate.

Suction Plate SPS for Lifting Device SH/Power MaxVPM
The Probst special foam-rubber seal is suitable for all types of materials:
Particularly good with uneven surfaces.

  • Extremely durable
  • Changed in a flash: take the old one off, put on the new one – finished !
  • Replacement seal- Easy to attach for without glueing!
  • Suction plates for profiled surfaces (e.g. pipes) are available on request. Suction plates are obtainable in all sizes on request.

Other Recommended Accessories:

  • ESE Generator – Petrol engine 2,000 VA, 230 V (made by Endress) made especially for Probst
  • Frame Suspension for attaching the generator directly over the vacuum device including electric connecting cable
  • TRA 3000 Spreader Bar For multiple use of the suction plates single plates adjustable. Suction plate turnable by 90°.Carrying capacity 3,000 kg. Distance between centres of suction plates adjustable from max. 1,450 mm to min.560 mm.RS Wheelset For all models SH 2500 uni
  • HGV Handle Extension For all models SH 2500 uni

Wheelset RS
To extend the working radius of Micro Jumbo MJ at any time, we recommend the solid set of wheels for later equipment. Easy mounting to the lifting unit SH 2500 uni.The wheelset consists of two attachable main wheels, diameter 300 mm, one foldable support- wheel and one swivelling wheel. Later attachment to the basic device SH is no problem.

Handle Extension HGV
Should be used when laying elements wider than 1 meter, in order to keep operators feet in safe distance from load.
Handle Extension HGV can be fitted at any time later to the structure of SH 2500 uni by bolting it on with brackets


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