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Shifting Adapter HVZ-VA-180°

Order-Number: 4140.0988

In conventional laying of paving layers with uneven paving rows and shifting with the hydraulic installation clamp into the 1/3-bond, the following situation arises:

The first installation row can be installed entirely normally, i.e. the paving layers interlock cleanly on the side after shifting.

For the second installation row B, the paving layer must first be shifted into the 1/3-bond then the clamp must be raised and turned through 180° with no blocks.

Subsequently, the side gripping width is deactivated by means of a ball valve, the paving layer is clamped again, the clamp is turned back through 180° with the paving layer and then installed.

This must be done for every paving layer in even installation rows (2, 4, 6…), so that the running bond aligns.

With the new HVZ-VA-180° shifting adapters from Probst this time-consuming effort is no longer required for installation of even installation rows.

The two shifting adapters are screwed onto the C-profiles of the side gripping width.

With a C grip, it is now possible by simple shifting of the two position adapters and by folding in and out the third position adapter, to adjust the side gripping width on which side 2 or 3 blocks are shifted into the 1/3 running bond.

The shifting adaptor can be easily retrofitted onto the C-profiles on the side gripping width of the hydraulic installation claws of the HVZ-ECO, HVZ-GENIUS, HVZ-UNI and HVZUNI- II (with automatic programming on the VM-401).

Product description


  • Dimensions of stonesmm (in): 240 x 160 (9½ x 6½“)
  • Rows x Stones/rows: 5 x 5
  • Dead Weight kg (Ibs): 13 (30)


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