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Full Layer-Vacuum Suction Plate FSG-UNI

Made to be attached to a hydraulic cubing clamp or to be attached directly to the lifting unit. Suitable for already compacted layers of stone of approx. 1250 x 1000mm.

Consisting of the following components:

  • 1 x vacuum blower 11kw with 50Hz/13,2 with 60Hz, vacuum safety valve,Sound absorber and internal corrosion protection, colour grey aluminium RAL 9007
  • 1 x 2/2 electromagnetic valve, control voltage 24V to control the vacuum.
  • Pressure switch with two outputs, 1 for underpressure “ reached” and 1 for underpressure “released”
  • 1x large volumn filter
  • upper part consisting of suction box with quick change part for the suction hose, incl. attachment fitted to a cubing clamp or lifting unit, – incl. Manometer
  • with quick change system fitted for suction plate bottom part.
  • 1 x suction plate bottom part with vacuum seals and quick change system, fitted to upper part with,
  • 10 m vacuum hose, connection parts and bits and pieces


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