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Manhole Frame Clamp SRZ-KOMBI

Order-Number: 53100373

A clamp for frame and cover! Easy and safe transport and installation of manhole covers in accordance with EN 124/DIN 1229.

  • Both the frame and the cover can be liftedand installed safely.
  • The lifting eye on the shaft frame clamp isattached to the load hook on the digger/loaderand placed on the manhole cover. After releasingthe safety catch, the frame is lifted withthe cover and placed on the shaft cone.
  • When the manhole cover is put down, thesafety catch clicks into place by itself and theclamp opens automatically.
  • By turning through 180°, the covers canalso be effortlessly lifted out of the frame withthe shaft frame clamp and the 2 A hooks and 2B hooks included as standard.


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