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Roofing Element Clamp DEZ-UNI with Security Net

Order-Number: 55100034, 55100035

The universal clamp for clay and concrete roof tiles.

With only one device, either two rows of clay roof tiles or two or three rows of concrete roof tiles can be transported quickly and safely on the roof. Suitable also for large tiles.

NEW: DEZ-UNI-BIG. Now even suitable for tripple row upright big packs!

With the following standard features:

  • Security net to be hooked into the handles for guiding the clamp
  • Plastic basket to store the security net. Basket can also be used for transportation of special tile elements on the roof
  • Additional lifting point to hang the loaded clamp on an angle to position the rows of roof tiles directly on the roof. (Not suitable for steep roofs).
  • Ring-eyelet for crane hook
  • Adjustable height-support
  • Automatic release for the fully automatic switch-over from ”full“ to ”empty“.
  • Exchangeable rubber grippers as gripping elements.

Due to light weight construction and using of high-tensile steels only 75 kg dead weight. That way this sturdy
steel device is more light weight than some comparable aluminium devices with the same technical specifications.


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