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Roller adapter kit RAS-90

Order-Number: 51350004

The perfect solution for compacting large slabs without damaging themte.

Large slabs with decorative surfaces are becoming increasingly popular and are often used in public areas and facilities. A roller compactor is the perfect solution for gentle compaction of these large slabs and for gentle compression of concrete pavers and slabs into the bedding.

  • With the RAS-90 roller adapter kit, any plate compactor that is commercially available as standard can now be retrofitted as a full roller compactor.
  • The RAS-90 can thus be rolled gently over the material. This prevents the slabs from shifting or even corners and edges from breaking out.
  • Leading manufacturers of large slabs recommend roller compactors.

Product description

Roller adapter kit RAS-90 (complete unit):

  • For mounting on conventional platecompactors.
    Is simply attached to the plate compactor by means of 2 clamping claws.
    For plate compactor sizes ranging from 450 to 650 mm.


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