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Mechanical Scissor Grab MPZ

Order-Number: 53100306, 53100022, 53100026
A mechanical grab for different uses. It can also be used with fork lift trucks. On adjustable models there are no awkward projecting dops.

Suitable for lifting packs of building materials such as vertically steel-strapped (each row) paving blocks, slabs, kerb stones, etc. of the appropriate sizes and dimensions. Adjustment of the gripping width by spring loaded, self catching pins.
Cubes of pavers can only be gripped when vertically steel strapped!

Standard Specifications:

Fork sleeves, ET-D with manual turning device and lifting eye for crane hook.
Manual turning device which engages itself every 90°.
Automatic release for the fully automatic switch over from “full” to “empty”.
Highly durable exchangeable rubber metal bars as gripping elements.


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