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Professional-Spreading-Bucket ST 180

Order-Number: 51600022

This powerful attachment device for wheel-loaders increases the productivity and lowers the costs.

  • Versatile use – for sand, chipping, gravel, peat or topsoil up to a graining of 100 mm.
  • A surface of 5.000 sqm can be spread per hour!
  • Before joint-filling of freshly laid pavers and slabs, the time-intensive work of sanddistribution has to be done.
  • Here the ST 180 saves time, working potential and costs.
  • Quick loading of the bucket: The hydraulically driven ST 180 is fitted to a wheel-loader. Like with a normal
  • wheel-loader-bucket the operator drives into the sand-heap and tilts the bucket backwards. The bucket holds 900 litres.
  • High working quality and spreading efficiency, with adequate rates: The spreading width of the ST is 1,800 mm.
  • In the full width the spreading quantities can be adjusted between 5 and 100 kg per sqm.
  • An absolutely one-man-device. The driver of the wheel-loader can do all operations by himself!
  • Innovative spreading technology
  • Self-cleaning spreading roller
  • Highest Working Security

Product description

ST 180:

  • Spreading Width mm (in): 1,800 (71”)
  • Power: hydraulically
  • Loading Capacity (Liter): approx. 900
  • Spreading Quantity (kg/m²): adjustable 5 to 100
  • Spreading Material mm (in): versatile up to a grain-size of 100 (4”)
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 480 (1,060)


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