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Turf Stone Laying Clamp RGV

Order-Number: 53100372
The Turf Stone Laying Clamp RGV installs 1 to 5 units at once. The clamp fi ts to turf stones 60 x 40 cm, hole dim. 9 x 9 cm but by changing the adaptors, it is also usable for different grid measurements.

The compact machine, with a weight of only 20 kg can be attached to a carrier by means of load hook, chains or slings. Thanks to the standard equiped automatic release the switch-over from “full” to “empty“ works fully automatic, just one operator is necessary.

When operated manually the clamp is lifted by two persons, the carrying capacity is 250 kg. Depending on the stone layer the immersion depth of the grab jaws can be varied.

Standard specifications:

Automatic release for fully automatic switch-over
Lifting eye, handle, turnable by 90°
Screwable adaptors


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