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VACUSPEED VXS Vacuum-Hose-Lifter

Order-Number: 57600034, 57600041
The new, innovative vacuum hose lifter VACUSPEED VXS ensures best ease of working combined with highest productivity when handling pavers, slab etc. Ideal for quality control work!

The vacuum energy is used for holding the material as well as for lifting and lowering it.
Can be operated easily, exactly and quickly.
No manual lifting force necessary.
Precise one hand operation, suitable for left- and right-hander.
Materials of all types and weight up to max. 35 kg (75 lbs) can be easily lifted, sorted, packed or laid.
Advantage: No need to get access sideways to the products to be sorted for gripping, Access from the top is fully sufficient!
high lifting speed of up to 50m/min (54,7 ft/min)
Lifting and lowering speed is continuously.
Suction plate can handle products vertically.
With quick change system for different suction plates (SPS).
Suction plate see chart.


Product description

The VACUSPEED VXS 35-E and 35-P can be suspended to any crane system within seconds and is redy to work (see page 7.26)

VACUUSPEED VXS 35-ESimply powered by compressed air, a ejector is producing the vacuum energy.
Standard specifications:

Comes with a ejector, lifting unit and operating unit, witout suction plate.
VACUSPEED VXS 35-PThis version includes a vacuum pump, driven by elektricity, to produce the vacuum lifting energy.
Standard specifications.

Electricity driven vacuum pump, lifting unit and operating unit, without suction plate.


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