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Vacuum Slab Layer MICROJUMBO MJ

Order-Number: 52600001, 52600016

With these devices, all kind of manual laying and handling of slabs can be done in conjunction with the Vacuum Lifting Device SH or the Vacuum Pump Unit VPE.

  • Simply connect the MICROJUMBO MJ-I (for 1 man operation) or MJ-II (for 2 men operation) by means of a bajonett coupling with the SH or VPE. Immediately all kind of dense material, such as concrete or natural stone slabs, step elements or simular can be laid efficiently and gently. The MICROJUMBO allows manual work in ergonomical position.
  • Suction plates, varying in size, shape and design can be adapted easily. Only a finger tip is necessary to operate a simple valve to switch on or off the suction force.

The device is build up using the following separate components:

  • Handle HTG I or HTG II with finger operated release.
  • Different suction plates.
  • Vacuum supply spiral hose.
  • MJ-II-150 fitted as standard with chain compartment and load securing chain as well as lifting eye for hoist operation.

Product description

MICROJUMBO MJ-I-75 [52600001]:

  • Specifications: Complete consisting of:
    – 1 handle HTG I, including vacuum Switch and gauge
    – 1 suction plate SPS-75 (75 kg* carrying capacity) (165 lbs)*
    – 1 vacuum supply spiral hose
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 5 (11)

MICROJUMBO MJ-II-150 [52600016]:

  • Specifications: Complete consisting of:
    – 1 handle HTG II with lifting eye, including vacuum switch and gauge
    – 1 suction plate SPS-150 (150 kg* working load limit) (330 lbs)*
    – 1 vacuum supply spiral hose
    – Chain box, load-securing chain
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 10 (22)


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