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Order-Number: 52300020

To lay slabs, the Jumbo BV can be easily attachedto the ZA-BV-Mobil.

With the Palette Truck PW III the complete unit can be moved from one position to the other by hand. No additional carrying machine like wheel loader is necessary.
Another advantage of the system is the fact that the PW III can be equipped with forks to move palettes around the site.

The ZA-BV-Mobil consists of the following components:

  • Palette Truck PW III with removable forks.
  • Frame with four supports.
  • Extension handle for operating unit BE.

(To drive with the wheel loader on the just laid slabs mostly creates quality problems: The slabs are settling down or are shifted; with the use of the ZABV-Mobil these problems don’t occure.)


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