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Gully Clamp SAZ-UNI

Order-Number: 54000035

The small, light clamp for cumbersome and heavy concrete sections for road gullies.

Moving cumbersome and heavy concrete sections for road gullies often represents a great challenge for road builders. Suspended on or wrapped in ropes, the concretesections hang at an angle and cannot be put down cleanly and straight. Furthermore, there is always a risk that the concrete sections will slip out of the rope. Put an end to it! With the new SAZ-UNI road gully clamp, all common concrete sections for road gullies can be placed reliably in the correct, horizontal position.

  • For laying concrete sections for road gullies (base and intermediate sections) in accordance with DIN 4052 with diameter Ø 550 mm. By undoing the spring bolt and turning the swivel arm, sleeve sections of external size 625 mm can also be gripped and laid.
  • With lifting eye for crane hook.
  • The lifting eye runs in a channel with 2 lock-in positions. One is used to grip and the other to release the product. This allows one-man operation.
  • With an oval ring, which serves as the contact face and thus prevents the clamp from tilting on the concrete sections. Furthermore, the ring also serves as a handhold.
  • Because of the limited dead weight of only 4 kg, the clamp can also be used on small carrying devices.


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