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Manhole Insert Clamp SP-I

Order-Number: 57200055, 57200055-001, 57200055-002

Fully mechanical operation making it suitable for use with any lifting equipment.

  • Suitable for lifting up to 3 rings at once with an internal diameter of 800 – 1,500 mm as well as individual rings and cones due to a height-adjustable facility.
  • Comes with highly durable, exchangeable rubber bars as gripping elements.
  • No additional worker required due to integrated trip mechanism for fully automatic switching between gripping and release.
  • Equipped with height-adjustable support – thus one, two or three manhole rings with a height of 500 mm can be picked up in a single
  • Settings of nominal width through socket pins.

    Typ SP-I: 
    grippers are cranked, that means keeping the same setting for manhole rings with DM 1000 mm a single cone with a cover opening of 625 mm can alternatively be lifted.

    Typ SP-I-F: 
    straight down grippers from top to bottom, especially developed for installation of several well rings in one single step.


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