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VARIOKON KES Sweeping and Sand Watering System

Order-Number: 51600026, 51600027

Variable and convertible, covers the whole process of joint sanding and cleaning on paver jobs. Consistent conversion of the well proven strategy, to offer multi functional modules instead of lots of individual devices.

The system can be extended at any time in order to cover each individual required application such as:

  • Sweeping device for loaders, fork lifts and/ or laying machine VM, to do the joint sanding as well as the cleaning on paver jobs.
  • Sand watering device für paver jobs, to be operated with wheel loaders, forklifts or laying machine VM, with integrated
  • water container or with direct water connection.
  • Quick jointing of ecological pavers with wheel loaders, fork lift or laying machine.


  • Description: Sweeping machine, working width 1,600 mm
  • Dead Weight kg (lbs): 270 (595)

Product description


Sweeping Machine KM-UNI

  • Hydraulically driven brush, hydraulic motor integrated, no parts sticking out sideways.
  • Special brush with spiral design, with integrated height adjustment for exact setting for the different working procedures such as cleaning, joint sanding or sand watering.
  • Large volume dirt collecting box can be emptied-out hydraulically.
  • Only one hydraulic circuit to operate both sweeping and opening and closing of the dirt collector box.
  • Integrated suspensions for forks.
  • Water spraying pipe integrated in dirt collector to avoid dust.
  • With extra wide wheels for not getting stuck in wide ecological joints.
  • For operation on laying machine VM the following modules are necessary: AH-KM, GR.

Water Flushing Attachment ESV

  • Large water distributing pipe with spraying holes, for water supply through container or direct water supply, connection 3/4″.
  • Simple and quick exchange against the dirt collecting box by three pins.

Container Attachment BP

  • BP including large volume, exchangeable water container, 640 liter, directly attachable to laying machine VM or forks of loader or forklift.

Water Automatic Element WAE

  • To open and close the water supply by using the hydraulic circuit for rotation. Makes specially sense when using water supply out of the container.

Suspension AH-KM

  • Suspension between attachment and laying machine VM to lift-up the sweeping machine with or without container attachment BP.

Frame GR

  • To adapt the KM-uni to the laying machine VM, also suitable to attach the sweeping broom EB 120/240


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